Lettering | Tampa Bay Times: Taste — Every skillet tells a story

THIS COVER WAS SO MUCH FUN! I absolutely love bring hand-drawn or traditional art into news design. It’s tons of fun to see what you’re capable of and to see others’ reactions to something you made by hand (see my info-girraffe-ic post!). Anyways, our features designer at the Tampa Bay Times, Brittany, approached me for this cover because she saw that I had posted some photos of my hand-lettering attempts on Instagram. She asked if I would hand-letter the headline for the cover story about cast-iron skillets, and I agreed! (Scroll down to see the process!)

Taste cover



I started sketching on graph paper and tracing paper using just a mechanical pencil, making two or three versions of every word. The graph paper helped me keep my proportions straight for the letters that I wanted to be cleaner and more proportional (the serif letters, including the drop cap).


I used tracing paper to make different styles of each word. I layered them on top of each other to see how the styles worked together.

IMG_5516   IMG_5517

Once I settled on which pieces I wanted to use, I scanned them and brought them into photoshop, where I was able to manipulate the color of the words without taking away from the natural textures of my original drawings. (Shoutout to Cam, one of our brilliant illustrators, who showed me how!)

IMG_5520    IMG_5522

Finally, I brought the photo in and arranged the words inside the skillet!


In print, the blues washed out a bit more that I would have liked, but I was overall very happy with the finished product!


And of course, the best part: seeing my name in print! Along with the 538,600 readers who got this that Wednesday!



Thanks for reading!