Illustration | North State Journal: Mother’s Day Brunch map

Many of our Murphy to Manteo maps are location maps, and we usually try to come up with icons or background images to illustrate the subject. Most of the time, those graphics and illustrations are computer-built graphics, but since I had just done a side project for a friend making watercolor flowers, I thought I’d integrate that into the Mother’s Day map! I sat down and painted a variety of leaves and flowers following YouTube and Skillshare tutorials and scanned them in. I brought them into Photoshop and isolated each item and arranged them around the map in Illustrator and InDesign. The result was something textured and unique with a handmade, genuine feel, which I thought was perfect for Mother’s Day.

Here are a few detail pieces:

Here’s how it printed.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017. (Christine T. Nguyen | The North State Journal)


And here it is (pdf linked) on the page with all of the data.